Getting sponsored to play poker tournaments is a great way to get the entrance fees paid for. Online poker rooms will pay the entrance fee for the best players. They will not just sponsor anyone, you need to have have a track record. Winning the odd tournament on a Sunday night will not do. You need to be winning enough (or have enough cash) to generate the necessary points. One such room publishes its criteria.

VCpoker is one of the most trusted names in online poker. They will offer the best players at their tables poker sponsorship. Probably not for the beginner. This is only for the serious player than can win, week in, week out. Maybe to something to aspire to.

You need to get to high VIP Level. Thats either Ruby or Diamond. This means generating at least 30 000 monthly VIP points. You get points every cash game you play and for every tournament fee. You get 40 Action Points per $1 of fee collected in tournaments. That means in a month you could do it by entering enough tournaments to generate $750 in tournament fees. Cash games generate various amounts of action points but the amounts are similar.

Players in the top two VIP Levels may exchange their Action Points for buy-ins into land based tournaments with the added opportunity of securing further live tournament sponsorship from VC Poker. Every 200,000 Action Points will “buy” you $1,000 in live tournament buy-ins – all you need to do is tell them in which tournament you wish to play and they will sponsor you.

VC Poker do nicely out of the arrangement as they have free advertising as well make money on all the rake generated earning the points. Find out more about getting sponsored with VC Bet.

Of course the are other rooms that will sponsor you. The key is to play enough games to get noticed. If you consistently win, no doubt you will get an email or a phone call asking about sponsorship opportunities.

You can sign up with VC poker below and take advantage of an exclusive 300% sign up bonus up to $600.

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