Below is a list of other reputable poker rooms that Poker4newbs recommend. Most do not accept American gamblers. All offer generous sign up bonuses for the newbie poker player.

There are many things worth considering when choosing a poker room. Do not be too bothered about sign up bonuses as these will matter little in the long run. Poker new player bonuses are available at practically all online rooms. Poker4Newb’s beginners advice is to use these free chips to try out the poker room, or better still just play on the free tables. Player numbers, player types, poker software, on-going bonuses, tournament specials etc should all be considered when choosing a poker room.

Remember too that a lot of poker rooms are affiliated with a Network. You think you are playing against only other, say Bluesquare players, but in actual fact you are playing against other players on the ipoker network, such as VCBet Poker.