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Bet Victor (formerly Victor Chandler) is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. Victor Chandler started in 1946 and has been at the forefront of British Bookmaking for the last 60 years. VCbet is credited as one of the first bookmakers that moved off shore to allow punters to enjoy tax free betting.

Bet Victor Poker is one of the UK and Europe’s biggest online poker rooms. It has the same reputation as Bet Victor the bookmaker. Your money is safe, secure and you can be 110% sure that the room is fair. With a 300% sign up bonus this has got to be one of the most generous poker sign up bonuses on the web.

On top of this, there is an extremely generous cashback scheme where you can get unlimited monthly cashback. For example earn 225 001 action points and get a cool $2000 in cash.

You can also cash in your points in the Bet Victor poker shop for Ipods, Televisions and even Sony Laptops.

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